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company.gif (3821 bytes) Apogeo was founded in 1993 with the mission of providing high quality professional services in North America and in Europe. During nineteen years of operations, Apogeo has earned the reputation of a very reliable and solid company, thanks to our top-notch engineers and our special attention to customers' satisfaction.

Apogeo provides unrivaled consulting experience in complex projects, from concept to product. Our engineers have worked extensively at the kernel- and application-level of all major operating systems. We are very familiar with cutting-edge technologies for file virtualization, wireless communications, routers, firewalls, storage management, thin-client systems, device drivers, embedded systems, fault-tolerant telecommunications devices.

We also offer valuable expertise in the design of hardware modules, so as to maximize the overall system throughput with reference to specific software architectures. Network management and Web technologies are other areas in which we are very proficient.

Apogeo has a track record of excellent performance in all projects. Our customers give us enthusiastic referrals for delivering products that consistently meet or exceed their quality standards.

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Apogeo is located at the following address:

6211 Indian Springs Rd..
Loomis, CA 95650

Tel: 815-572-5585



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